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Million Earl Grey Black Tea Pack Of 4

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A meticulously grown orthodox tea blended with exotic bergamot flavor. We use the finest tea leaves from the foothills of the Himalayas and add to it the finest bergamot citrus to create something altogether more gentrified.


Million Tea
Packing Size
Net Wt. 50g
25 Sachets
Energy Booster
Staple Free Tea Bags
Tea Type
Earl Grey
Packaging date
Best when consumed within 18 months from packaging date

Delivered within 3-6 days
Delivered within 7 day(s)
COD Available
COD Not Available
Return not available
Quality Assured

Detailed Features

Hot Brew

  1. Stepping Instructions For Hot Brewing Tea 
  2. 1 Tea Cup (100oC) Fresh Water
  3. Boil at (100oC)
  4. Brewing time for 2-4 Min.
  5. Serve Hot Tea

Million Tea
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